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Platypodes is an animation inspired by a digital Photoshop illustration. In this shot we watch the mycelium covered platypodes swim in unity. Our only distraction… A space cactus … Obviously… We had a lot of fun making this!

Animation still 1

Animation still from Boundless Studio Platypodes animation

Animation still 2

Animation still from Boundless Studio Platypodes animation
Platypodes concept art created using Photoshop

The platypodes and cactus are modelled, rigged and animated in 3D. A mixture of hand painted textures and physical materials are applied to the models. The background is animated in After Effects. It depicts an imaginative take on space; rich in colourful nebula, floating foliage and shooting stars.

The audio behind Platypodes was developed by Will Curry. A growing ethereal melody accompanied by hand recorded splashes; synthesized and synchronised to the motion of the platypodes in space.

3D breakdown

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