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Introducing Boundless Studio

Boundless is a creative animation studio with a commercial background in TV, advertisement and motion graphics. We are a collaboration of artists inspired to bring our illustrations to life and go beyond the bounds of our imaginations.

The Boundless concept was formed on NYE during the lockdown of 2021. Sat in a gypsy wagon around a warm fire, the momentum gathered. Friends stood on their chairs and screamed at the top of their lungs: BOUNDLESS! Coincidentally?  Simultaneously? It turned midnight.

To be boundless. To be our own boss, to be creative, to travel, to speak to everyone, to be open to new ideas, feelings and thoughts.

Between freelance jobs, we have now spent 7 months travelling Europe in our camper van and enjoyed countless long weekends away in Wales; exploring new cities, hiking over mountains, rock climbing and biking. 

Alongside the adventure and commercial work, Boundless has accumulated a collection of mixed media animated content, with one goal in mind: to create art. We hope this new IP will inspire brands, studios and content creators to reach out. We are open to all commissions and collaborations and wish to hear from you!

Boundless Studio travels
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