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We are excited to share this 2D animation with you, inspired by one of our most memorable van trip destinations in 2023.

We arrived in Meteora at dusk, gazing out the windows at the surreal looming rock formations left us in awe, it was unlike anything we had ever seen! After checking in at Camping Vrachos Kastraki we spent the evening planning how we were going to spend our time there - hiking, eating and attempting a multi pitch climb together. As we ventured into Meteora, its rocks reaching heights of more than 600m, it became clear that the reality of this place was far more spectacular than our expectations. Meteora translates to 'suspended in the air', and you can find 6 active monasteries dating back to the 14th century perched atop the colossal rock formations.

We hope this piece does the location justice, and highly recommend you check out this unique destination!

Designed in Adobe Illustrator and brought to life in After Effects by Helen Turnbull. Sound design by Will Curry.

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