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Watch as a turtle dives into a reef littered with hand drawn plants. The colour pallet is heavily inspired by the vibrant colours found in the sea. Our audio a response to the tranquility of the scene.

Coral reefs date back to around 240 million years, and are a place of wonder and discovery. They are an underwater ecosystem formed of colonies of coral polyps, and are surprisingly classed as animals, not plants. The coral reefs are home to around 25% of the world's marine life, over 4000 different species rely on them for survival! They offer turtles protection and shelter in many ways: refuge for hatchlings, a location for nesting sites and a place to hide when under threat from predators.

Corals and algae have a symbiotic relationship. As ocean temperatures become warmer they struggle to survive; in some cases rather than bleaching in the heat some corals have begun to emit vibrant colours.


We hope you enjoy this colourful animated loop, and take a moment to appreciate just how brilliant our coral reefs are.

Leaf illustration
Leaf illustration
Aquatic Boundless illustration
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