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What is Boundless?


The Boundless concept was formed on NYE during the lockdown of 2021. Sat in a gypsy wagon around a warm fire, the momentum gathered. Friends stood on their chairs and screamed at the top of their lungs: BOUNDLESS! Coincidentally?  Simultaneously? It turned midnight.

To be boundless. To be our own boss, to be creative, to travel, to speak to everyone, to be open to new ideas, feelings and thoughts.

Between freelance jobs, we have now spent 7 months travelling Europe in our camper van and enjoyed countless long weekends away in Wales; exploring new cities, hiking over mountains, rock climbing and biking. 

Alongside the adventure and commercial work, Boundless has accumulated a collection of mixed media animated content, with one goal in mind: to create art. We hope this new IP will inspire brands, studios and content creators to reach out. We are open to all commissions and collaborations and wish to hear from you!

What can we do?


3D Animation






2D Animation

Motion Design



What software do we use?




After Effects

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Photoshop

Premier Pro





Equality Pledge with Business Wales
Green Growth Pledge with Business Wales

We Pledge...


Boundless Studio Ltd has joined other Welsh businesses in signing 2 pledges managed by Business Wales. They are as follows:

The Equality Pledge helps busineses take pro-active steps towards creating an inclusive, fair and diverse workplace, demonstrating their commitment to their employees and the wider community, while offering accessible products and services to all.

The Green Growth Pledge helps Welsh businesses take pro-active steps towards improving their sustainability, demonstrating their positive impact on the people and places around them, as well as joining a growing community of forward-thinking organisations who are helping Wales transition to a low carbon future. We are passionate about trying to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle, and want to keep Wales and the rest of our planet, beautiful. 

Meet the Team

Experienced Animator and Rigging artist with a demonstrated history of working in the Animation industry. Interested in hearing about freelance projects and collaborative, creative opportunities.

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Alan Towndrow Co-Founder


3D Generalist & Character Animator

Alan Towndrow

Motion Designer and Illustrator with a passion for creating fun and colourful concepts. In her quest to bring her illustrations to life she also learned to animate in After Effects.

Helen is greatly inspired by her environment and experiences,  and when shes not behind a screen she loves to climb local quarries or get lost in the Welsh mountains (probably in the rain!). 

Helen has used the Adobe Suite for 8 years and has recently been learning Blender. 

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Helen Turnbull Co-Founder


Motion Designer & Illustrator

Helen Turnbull


Will Curry Sound Designer

Sound Designer

Will Curry

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Josh Photographer


Joshuar Faithi

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Therapy Dogs

We are also lucky enough to have 2 therapy whippets on our team.
Boundless would not be possible without their hard work and determination.

Whippet 1 Humphrey


Whippet 1

Whippet 2 Bonnie


Whippet 2

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