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Character Design

It's about time we introduced the Boundless Experience crew! Each of these characters is based on Welsh folklore, and will play a vital part in 3 fearsome challenges laid out for our hero Peredur, son of Efrog. The designs are accompanied by their archetype to assist our storytelling.

A Boundless Experience characters

Twch Trwyth illustration

Twrch Trwyth

Character Design

The Twrch Trwyth is a legendary boar, with a magical comb, razor and scissors tangled in it's hair. Legend tells it that Culwhch, the squire, is ordered to complete a series of seemingly impossible tasks to impress the giant Ysbaddaden Bencawr, evil father of Olwen, Culhwch’s love. One of these missions is to recover the magical comb, razor and scissors trapped in the Twrch Trywth's mane. The boar leaves behind a path of destruction wherever he goes, it is a strong beast!

Twrch Trwyth pose for animation

Ellyll design with archetype

Ellyll (Ellyllon)

The Ellyllon are Welsh elves, and represent one of the five varieties of the Tylwyth Teg. Standing at 3-4 feet, they wear gloves meticulously crafted from foxglove bells, renowned in traditional medicine for their potent sedative properties. Ellyllon are known to indulge in a diet of mushrooms, toadstools, and the elusive 'fairy butter,' which can be found in limestone crevices and on the roots of decaying trees. These magical beings possess a duality in their nature, but whether they help or harm you depends on the individual's temprement. Watch out, they can be cheeky!

Ellyll T pose for animation

Asrai character design with archetype


According to both Celtic and British mythology, the Asrai is a freshwater fairy that typically grows to about 2-4 feet tall, so long as they get to bathe in the moonlight every year. They can live for centuries if left undisturbed, indeed they tend to avoid humans and enjoy a quiet life. But watch out, their skin is so ludicrously cold that their touch is likely to burn your skin...

Asrai A pose for animation


Peredur character design with archetype

Our Hero! Peredur son of Efrog/Efrawg, is a legendary figure featured in the medieval Welsh collection of tales known as the Mabinogion. His story is told in the tale "Peredur son of Efrawg" or "Peredur the Son of Evrawc." In this tale, Peredur embarks on a heroic journey that encompasses various adventures and encounters with magical beings.

Figure and shape exploration

Raised in isolation by his mother, Peredur is initially unaware of the existence of chivalry and knighthood. However, upon witnessing a group of knights passing by, he becomes inspired to join their ranks. Throughout his adventures, Peredur encounters a series of challenges, including battles against formidable beasts and interactions

with mysterious characters.

His tale reflects elements of the Arthurian legend, with Peredur being associated with the Knights of the Round

Table. His journey is marked by themes of honor, chivalry, and the quest for personal growth.

Peredur A pose for animation

Bwbach (Bwbachod)

Bwbach character design with archetype

The Bwbach is a creature from Welsh folklore, specifically associated with the Pembrokeshire region. Described as household spirits or domestic fairies, Bwbachod are known to be mischievous but generally friendly creatures that help with various chores around the house. They are believed to bring good fortune to those who treat them kindly and leave small offerings.

While invisible to most, they may choose to reveal themselves to those they favor. In return for their help Bwbachod love a fresh bowl of cream as a reward, you should leave some out for them at night.

Despite their mischievous nature, Bwbachod are generally

seen as friendly and helpful household spirits.

Bwbach A pose for animation


Afanc character design with archetype

The Afanc is a mythical water creature that used to live in the Llyn-yr-Afanc, Betws-y-Coed, Conwy valley. Often described as a monstrous and amphibious being, the Afanc is depicted as resembling a giant water-dwelling creature with a crocodile-like or beaver-like appearance. Legends vary in their descriptions, but common features include formidable strength and a love for causing havoc in the waters.

According to folklore, the Afanc is known for its destructive tendencies, creating whirlpools and floods that pose a threat to both people and livestock. In Betws-y-Coed the villagers made a plan to catch the Afanc, and after a great struggle they bound him and released him into a

lake in the Lledr valley. There he became trapped, unable to climb the sturdy rocky banks...

Afanc A pose for animation

Preseli Dragon Character Design

The dragon is an ancient and powerful beast. It is said, that a huge black serpent guarded treasure in the Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire. None dared approach it until one day a man walking his dog found the monster asleep. He filled his pockets with gems until he heard the beast awakening behind him, he narrowly escaped!

Preseli Dragon character design with archetype

Preseli Dragon A pose for animation


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